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Which Changing Mat Should I Buy?

Baby changing mats are one of the most used baby essentials. On average babies are changed as many as 10 -12 times a day! We've created a handy guide to help you choose a changing mat that suits your families needs. We also answer some of the most asked questions by our customers.

What is a baby changing mat used for?

As well as changing your baby, they can be handy in many elements of your baby care routine. Use them after bath time, as a comfy surface for baby massage or as a supportive play mat underneath baby's favourite play gym.

What to consider when buying a changing mat.

The key things when choosing your baby changing mat are:

  • Raised sides to make your baby feel secure
  • Good, supportive padding to keep your baby comfortable
  • A suitable size for where you want to change your baby. Does it fit your changing table? Is it practical to store if space is tight?
  • Opt for a nursery grade foam which is free of TCPP**
  • Phthalate free fabric, this means no nasty chemicals!
  • Easy to clean!
  • Choose a pattern you love!

Why choose a Mama Shack changing mat?

We've created a collection of modern baby changing mats that have been tried and tested by parents. I've also used these products for my own children to ensure the end product is perfect and ultimately makes nappy changing easier so that you can spend more time with your baby.

Our changing mats are - 

  • Made in the UK, meaning a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Made with tested nursery grade foam which is free of TCPP.
  • We opted for a dense foam for extra comfort and support for baby.
  • Phthalate free fabric and printed with baby safe inks.
  • Waterproof and wipe clean.
  • Trend led print design meaning our products will fit seamlessly into your modern home decor.

How to clean a changing mat?

Hot and soapy water or baby wipes do the trick. Avoid using anything with chemicals or that contains bleach. If you're changing your baby on a towel or muslin wash it regularly in hot water.

We also recommend cleaning anything that may stain the fabric immediately.

What changing mat should I buy?

We've created three different styles of changing mat to meet a variety of parents and babies needs.

Anti Roll Changing Mat / Wedge Changing Mat

This shape is a customer favourite. Also known as a Wedge Changing Mat, this shape is made with a thick supportive foam. The high, anti roll sides help your baby feel secure and comfortable during nappy changes. The higher sides encourage baby to stay in the center of the changing mat. Always remember to never leave babies unattended on a high surface.  

This mat will neatly fit into most baby changing tables. Made with a wipeable, phthalate-free PVC cover, we have many designs that will compliment your modern home decor. This changing mat also looks great styled on top of a chest of drawers. The added drawer space will come in handy if storage is tight.

Anti Roll Changing Mat Features:

  • 70cm x 45cm x 8cm (deep at highest point)
  • Padded with British manufactured foam, nursery grade foam free of TCPP
  • Phthalate free fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Wipe clean 
  • Fits most changing tables




Changing Mat

This changing mat has three slightly raised sides for babies comfort. This style of changing mat is filled with an extra thick layer of foam in the center for additional support.

This mat will also fit most baby changing tables but is also a very handy option for keeping downstairs under the sofa for quick nappy changes! It is light weight and portable. This style is practical, wipeable and comfortable.

  • 79cm x 45cm
  • Waterproof
  • Wipe clean
  • Fits most changing tables but also a practical option to store is space is limited
  • Padded with British manufactured foam, nursery grade foam free of TCPP
  • Phthalate free PVC
  • Made in the UK


Travel Changing Mat

Our travel changing mat is not only beautifully designed but made to make baby changing on the go easy!

No fiddly zips or compartments, designed with slightly thicker foam than traditional travel mats to make baby more comfortable when changing. Perfect to use when out shopping, at the park or at the swimming pool. Our travel changing mat would also be perfect to keep around the house for quick and easy changes or to leave at the Grandparents house.

Our travel changing mat is also a great option if choosing to use a non-traditional changing bag. Most changing bags come with a thin travel mat, but if opting to use a regular back pack or tote that you already have these would fit neatly inside!

Fits neatly into most changing bags and tucks nicely into our canvas nappy storage.

  • Measurement when flat 60 x 34cm. Approx 1cm depth
  • Measurement when folded 35cm x 20cm. Approx 3cm depth
  • Wipeable & waterproof
  • A practical option to store is space is limited
  • Padded with British manufactured foam
  • Philatelic free PVC
  • Made in the UK

travel changing mat mama shack

 Why not visit our Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration on how to style yours?


 ** What is TCCP? TCPP is a fire-retardant commonly used in foam in consumer products in the UK. Recommendations were made to the British government in July 2019 to eliminate TCPP as a fire retardant. Our changing mats are made with TCPP-free foam and still compliant with UK fire safety regulations governing home furnishings.

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