Collection: Baby Changing Mats

Discover our baby changing mats, designed for modern parents with baby-friendly materials for maximum comfort. Our changing mat features slightly raised sides for baby's comfort and plush foam padding in the center for support. They fit most changing tables and are convenient to stash under the couch for quick nappy changes.

Mama Shack | Changing Mats

Explore our range of baby changing mats. Made for the modern parent and baby-friendly materials, they're ultra-comfortable. Travel Changing Mat are also available.

Changing mats are an absolute must-have for nappy duty, bath time and massage time. Ours are thoughtfully crafted with three raised sides for baby's comfort. Plus, it's generously stuffed with plush foam in the center to keep your little one comfy and supported. It fits most changing tables, but you can also stash it under the couch for nappy duty in a jiffy! 

Which changing mat is best?

Whether you are changing on the go or need a changing mat for your changing table, we have a shape and size to suit your changing needs. We've compiled an ultimate guide on how to choose the best changing mat for you and your little one or explore our quick link guide below - 

Anti Roll Changing Mat - a thick wedge shape changing mat for the ultimate comfort! Suitable for your nursery and changing table.

Foldable Travel Changing Mat  - be ready for quick changes on the go. Small, compact and wipe clean, this travel mat can be stored on your changing bag or under the pram.

Changing Basket Mat - suitable for most changing baskets, we recommend our natural seagrass basket for ultimate changing luxe!

Mini Changing Mat - small but perfectly padded, this changing mat can be used when out and about but also handy to keep as a spare at the grandparents house. Our mini changing mats also fit nicely into our Mama Shack nappy caddy.