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What is a Splash Mat?

baby splash mat, also known as a messy mat, is a must have baby and toddler essential. Multi-functional, our splash mat can be used for covering your floor at meal times under the high chair, for messy play and so much more! This product is a true investment piece as it can be used from birth upwards and the uses are endless.

Made from a non-toxic, waterproof, durable fabric, shop our range of colourful and modern monochrome prints. We focus on creating trend lead patterns so that your modern home decor is never compromised when buying a baby essential from Mama Shack.

We've put together some ideas for you to make the most of our splash mats: 

Baby Weaning

Ready to start the messy business of weaning? This is one of your go to weaning essentials! Mashed veg, bits of cracker and all manner of fruits can end up everywhere. Protect your floors and furniture at meal times. Let baby explore the foods they love without worrying about the mess! Pop these under the high chair or over your table. When little one is done eating simply wipe down and fold away for the next meal time. Our splash mats fold down into a small square for easy storage.

mama shack splash mat
mama shack splash mat


Messy Play / Play Mat

One of the best features of our splash mats is that the fabric is waterproof. Protect your furniture and flooring and let the mess commence worry free! Whether it be play-dough, water play, slim or just general messy stuff our splash mat will protect your surfaces and make cleaning easy. In our house we have one for inside play and one for outside in our self made mud kitchen! Simply wipe clean after use.

mama shack messy play splash mat
mama shack splash mat



We all love a picnic in the park or beach in the Summer! Due to their durability these can be used outdoors. Our splash mat folds down neatly so it won't take up too much space in your bag, leaving room for lots of delicious treats! Easy to clean after being laid down on the grass or shake sand off quickly if on the beach. Whether you're eating fruits or an ice cream, wipe food away quickly. No need to machine wash when you get home like a traditional picnic blanket. 

mama shack messy play picnic


Potty Training

Whilst potty training my toddler our splash mat has been a godsend. We used our splash mat underneath the potty. Not only was it handy for creating a 'zone' where he could feel comfortable but also because they are wipe clean the accidents could be cleaned up quickly and hygienically.

mama shack terrazzo print splash mat


As the market for potable baby baths has grown in popularity, bath time no longer has to be restricted to the bathroom! With all that water comes mess. Use our splash mat underneath the bath as a protective waterproof surface.

Baking with the Kids

This is one of our favourite activities in our house! Who doesn't enjoy baking sweet treats over the weekend? Baking with my toddler means that most of the ingredients end up outside of the mixing bowl. 

How to Clean a Splash Mat

Cleaning is quick and easy. Simply use warm soap water or a baby wipe if out and about.

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