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What are muslin cloths used for?

Muslin cloths are a family staple, especially if you have little ones or there’s a new baby on the way, but did you know that you can more than just mopping up spills with your muslin cloth?

We’ve rounded up all the different ways you can use your muslin squares both in the home and out and about.

What are muslin cloths?

If you’re a first time parent, you might be wondering what muslin cloths even are. Muslin is a loose plain weave cotton material that dates as far back as the 13th century. Muslin cloths get their name from their city of origin, Mosul in Iraq.

What are muslin cloths used for?

There’s a whole host of different uses for your muslin squares, swaddles, and cloths. We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to use muslin cloths below:


A large muslin cloth makes the perfect swaddle blanket, thanks to its lightweight design and breathability. Swaddling helps little ones feel cosy and comfy by mimicking the feeling of being in the womb. A large muslin cloth or muslin blanket is a must have for parents of newborns, helping you to add a little extra bit of comfort when soothing.

Nursing cover

If you breastfeed your baby, keeping a muslin cloth on hand when in public is an easy way to cover up when it’s time to feed your little one. As muslins are breathable your little one stays comfortable whilst giving you and baby some privacy.

Burp cloth

Another primary use for muslin squares is as protectors between clothes and spit-up. Simply place the muslin cloth over your shoulder before burping baby to mop up any spit-up and protect your favourite tops and jumpers from spit, drool or throw up.

Tummy time

Aiding physical and mental health, tummy time has a ton of benefits for your baby, but you need a comfy spot to do it! Lay a large muslin cloth down for tummy time. The soft and absorbent muslin makes clean up easy, so a little spit-up is no big deal.

Makeshift bib

If you’re in a bind, a muslin square makes for an easy, makeshift bib for older babies and toddlers. Simply tuck the muslin into your babies collar and you’re ready for mealtime! We also recommend keeping a muslin on hand during feeding, so you can easily mop up any mess, dribble, or spills.


For warmer nights and summer naps, a large muslin cloth or swaddle makes the perfect light-weight blanket. The breathable cotton provides a light layer to help keep your little one comfortable and cosy. Why not check out our range of large muslin swaddles at Mama Shack?


Muslin squares can act as a comforter during the painful process of teething. Use the edge of an 100% cotton muslin for baby to chew or suck on. The absorbent material will soak up any drool or dribble.

Sun shield

Whether you need to protect from the harsh rays of the sun or need a lightweight layer for the cooler days, a muslin square is an essential for trips out in the pram. Simply drape over the top of your stroller for that little bit of extra protection.

How many muslin cloths do I need?

The number of muslin cloths you need depends on your needs. Some parents can get by with a few while other parents like to make sure they have a drawer full of muslin cloths at the ready.

We recommend getting a range of large muslins and smaller muslin squares for different uses. A good number to start off with is around ten muslin squares, so you’re not stuck in any washing crises. 

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