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Make bath time a breeze with these baby bath essentials

Whether you’re a first time mum looking for everything you’ll need for bath time or are just looking for ways to make bath time less of a chore for your little one and you, we’ve put together a list of our top tips for stress-free bathing and picked out some of our favourite bath time essentials to make bathing your baby a breeze.

1.   Make sure the temperature is just right

It’s essential to maintain your baby’s body temperature during the bathing process, especially if they’re a newborn. A safe bath temperature for babies and children is between 37 to 38 degrees. Make sure to the room temperature is nice and warm too, so your baby doesn’t get chilled.

2.   Get prepped before you start

Before you start to run your baby’s bath, get everything you need ready. Place soap, a sponge or muslin washcloth and a rinsing cup (if you use it) within easy reach, and keep a towel or two on hand, so that you can keep your little one nice and snug as soon as bath times over.

3.   Set up your baby’s changing station

Once you’ve prepped all your bath time supplies, set up your baby’s changing station. Our convenient anti-roll changing mats are perfect for bathing and changing, especially for wriggly babies. Then place a fresh change of clothes, nappies, and nappy cream next to your changing station.

 If your baby is particularly wriggly, check out our How to change a wriggly baby blog.

4.   Add bath toys to encourage learning and exploration

Water and bath toys provide a unique learning experience for your baby that they don't have at other times of the day. The movement of water and splashing around is incredibly stimulating and interesting to your little one's developing brain.

5.   Get cosy and dry

Once bath times over, it’s time to get cosy and dry. A thick, high-quality towel is a must for your baby’s delicate skin. A hooded towel is ideal, as it keeps your baby warm from head to toe.  Then it’s time for a fresh nappy and clothes and that’s it! Bath time made easy.

Our favourite bath time essentials for babies

Little Dutch Stackable Boats

These Little Dutch Stackable Boats will keep your little one entertained while helping to develop their fine motor skills. Use them for imagination-based play, or practice pouring and stacking. These adorable bath toy sets are available in both a pink and blue colourway and can be used for playing on dry land in addition to in the bath.

Muslin Hooded Towels

Our soft Muslin Hooded Towels will keep your little ones warm and cosy. Made from 100% organic cotton, the hooded towel is gentle on delicate skin yet durable enough for daily use and is backed with our signature organic muslin. The thick, absorbent material of these generously sized towels gently dries hair and keep baby’s head warm when they’re fresh out of the bath.

Rubber Teethers

These rubber teethers double up as a bath toy and are fully moulded with no squeaker for easy cleaning. They help your little one explore the four senses, and come in a range of designs, including seashells, whales, and toadstools. Made from natural rubber these teethers are PVC, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free and suitable for 0+ months up.

Organic Muslin Squares

Handy to have around, these Organic Muslin Squares are multi-purpose, and can be used as a comforter, washcloth, to mop up spills or even as a bib. These handy muslin square sets are an essential and come in a variety of signature Mama Shack prints.

Rubber Jungle Animals Toy Set

This set of 6 jungle animals by Green Rubber Toys is made from 100% natural materials and great for playing with in and out of the bath. Small enough for little hands, each toy has been hand painted and are safe to mouth and chew on. Including a lion, tiger, orangutan, giraffe, rhino and hippo, the possibilities for imaginative play are endless.


Check out our full range of Bath Time essentials today and make bathing your baby that little bit less stressful.

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