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Five more uses for your baby changing mat

A baby changing mat is an essential addition to your at-home baby changing kit or your travel essentials, giving you a safe, comfortable and wipe-clean surface on which to change nappies.

But there are many more ways to use a baby changing mat for the comfort and hygiene of your little one, both at home and during days out.

Here's our pick of five more uses for your baby changing mat, beyond just changing dirty nappies...

1. Pram or Pushchair Liner

The gentle cushioning and baby-friendly wipe-clean fabrics make baby changing mats an excellent option to line prams and pushchairs, for extra comfort and hygiene.

A wedge changing mat in the bottom of the pram or buggy will help to keep your little one centred throughout their ride - perfect if you've got a wriggler or roller!

It's also a great way to ensure you never forget to take an anti roll changing mat with you when going for a stroll, just in case.

2. Strength and Stability

As your baby learns the motor control and muscle strength needed to sit upright, it's important that they get some support, but not too much.

Thanks to its design, an anti roll changing mat will help babies to learn better balance, as well as cushioning them against any unexpected falls to the side.

Over time, the gentle support of a wedge changing mat can allow your child to balance unaided - making for less chaotic nappy changes too!

3. Personal Picnic Blanket

Going for a picnic in the park? Pack a foldable travel changing mat to use as a one-person picnic blanket for your baby, giving them their own space and extra cushioning.

Even if you put the foldable changing mat on top of your own picnic blanket, it will help to protect against any unseen sharp stones that might poke through an ordinary knitted blanket.

The wipe-clean PVC fabric also helps with clean-up afterwards. It might not catch all the splashes, but it should go a long way towards keeping the worst of any spillages from landing on your favourite picnic blanket.

4. Beach Baby Oasis

If your baby loves the seaside, make a wedge changing mat the start of your own 'beach baby oasis', a safe and shielded place for your little one to sit.

The waterproof PVC fabric will help to resist any splish-splashes of water, while the cushion keeps your little one upright and off the sand.

Make sure to use plenty of sunblock, cover up with light clothes and a hat, and add a parasol for complete protection from the sun while enjoying your day at the beach.

5. Four-Legged Friends

If your family includes pets, you might find uses for your baby changing mats that don't even apply to your baby.

Wipe-clean and waterproof PVC changing mats can keep your car seats shielded against wet dogs on the drive home, and foldable changing mats take up practically no room at all until they are needed.

Alternatively, pop a wedge changing mat in the back seat and let your pupper use it as a bed for a clean and comfy journey there and back again.

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