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12 Changing Table Essentials

12 Changing table essentials

Having an organised changing area is a huge time saver. Oaverage of babies can be changed up to -10 times a day! Realistically after baby arrives it can turn into chaos but at least the chaos is in one place and you have everything you need to hand.

When I had my son I had two changing areas. One upstairs in his room and a small station with some changing items downstairs as running up and down the stairs for every nappy change wasn't always easy. I used our one of our cotton canvas storage baskets downstairs to keep a few handy items in, including our travel mat for easy changing. 

We've put together a handy list of 12 changing table essentials.

  1. Changing Mat || Where all of the action happens! Our ones are changing mats are not only beautifully designed but are practical too. They are wipeable and made with super squishy foam to keep baby comfortable during every nappy change. Read our style guide on which shape could be for you.
  2. Nappies || Check out Net Mums handy guide on the lowdown of different types, Ultimate Newborn Nappy Guide
  3. Plastic Bowl & Cotton Wool || Handy in the first few weeks of baby being born when they have super sensitive skin. Also if you run out of wipes it is handy to have these as a back up!
  4. Wipes ||  Mother & Baby which wipe guide or you may want to try reusable. Nappy Guru washable wipe has a great guide.
  5. Muslins || Always good to have these to hand, great for spills or using to cover the changing mat to avoid cold bums. Our muslins are XL, super soft and made from breathable cotton muslin fabric.
  6. Sleep Suits & Body Suits || Always handy for the inevitable surprise poo-plosion. 
  7. Nappy Bags || These ones are great if you are looking for a Biodegradable option Kit & Kin.
  8. Creams & Lotions || Body lotion, baby Oil, maybe a balm for sleeping. I used Aveeno Good Night BalmThere are many options of nappy rash creams available. I used a mixture of two. Sudocrem for general use and Metanium when my son had a really sore bum.
  9. Sunscreen || Good for baby & handy for you!
  10. Nappy Bin || Not essential but handy if you are not so close to a bin.
  11. Storage Baskets || We've created a handy cotton canvas storage bag for all of your changing essentials. 
  12. Changing Table || There are many fabulous units to choose from, Pram World has a great selection. You can also choose to use a chest of drawers or another flat surface to optimise on storage space.

We love seeing your posts on Instagram of your changing areas featuring our range of trend lead changing mat designs. Below are a few of our favourites! 












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