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10+ Best Summer Baby Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Who doesn’t love getting outside in the summer? Whether you’re heading to the beach, jetting off on holiday, or breaking out the paddling pool, summer is full of exciting new experiences for your baby or toddler. Plus, it’s a chance to snap some unforgettable moments. #SummerMemories

But the summer sun also poses lots of challenges – be it protecting their delicate skin from the sun, managing the endless sand, or keeping them cool and dry.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of summer baby essentials guaranteed to keep your little one safe, cool, and comfortable this summer.

The Best Summer Baby Essentials

Summer Baby Essentials for 2024

1. Naif Baby & Kids SPF 50 Sun Cream

Protecting against sunburn, premature ageing, and other sun-related damage is essential. Naif Baby & Kids Sun Cream SPF 50 provides a high level of protection against UV rays – both UVA and UVA radiation.

The cream is 100% waterproof, easy to apply, and doesn’t leave white marks. So, you can safeguard against sun damage without any headaches. It smells amazing too!

2. Green Stripe Hooded Towel

Keeping your little one dry is easier said than done. This stylish striped towel is wearable, meaning you can pop it on and give them a cuddle to dry off. The hood also provides extra protection against the sun. It’s made of 100% cotton, making it suitable for children with sensitive skin. Our customers at Mama Shack love our Candy Stripe collection and we have picked this matching towel in sage especially for you.

3. Portable Stroller Fan - Schallen

It’s not just the sun that’s a worry; heat itself can be a constant danger to newborns. This portable stroller fan is the obvious solution. Shaped like an octopus, you can use the flexible tripod legs to secure it to your stroller’s handle, switch it on, and let the cooled air reduce the risk of heat stroke.

The super quiet motor won’t disturb your baby while they sleep, and the 3-wind speed options make it ideal for all climates. This is one from Schallen comes in a range of colours for the style conscious mama. It's flexible base can be hand held, attached the the stroller or used as a phone stand!

4. Ickle Bubbe Stroller Umbrella

Shield your child from the sun with this clip-on parasol offering UPF 50+ protection. Compatible with Ickle Bubba travel systems and strollers, it’s an ingenious solution for sunny days. Available in Sage Green and Black.

5. Next Wide Brim Stripe Baby Hat

Finish off your child’s summer outfit with this adorable wide-brim stripe hat – perfect for children aged 0 months to 2 years. Available from NEXT in grey and neutral stripes, the wide brim offers more coverage of the neck and face. Made from super soft and lightweight cotton, the hat is fastened with a secure Velcro strap.

As one customer said, “Perfect, daughter struggles to pull off and shades her face and neck well.”

summer hat for baby

6. Kidly Swimming Pool with Canopy

The problem with most paddling pools is they offer no shade. Your child wants to spend hours splashing around, but you’re rightly concerned about the sun. The solution? Check out this swimming pool with a canopy from Kidly.

Inflate the pool, fill it with water, and watch as your child sits and plays completely protected from the sun. It’ll keep them entertained on the beach or in the garden.

paddling pool for baby

7. Mama Shack Frill Muslin Blanket

Made from 100% cotton muslin, this absorbent, lightweight, and breathable muslin blanket does everything you need. Ideal for the pram or nursery: It’ll keep your child snug (like a bug in a rug) without letting them get too warm. Multi-layered for extra softness, the blanket is available in a stylish oat colour.

8. Mama Shack Foldable Travel Changing Mat

Whether you’re on holiday, at the park, or heading to the beach, you’ve got one problem: finding somewhere to change your child’s nappy. This foldable travel-changing mat is an absolute dream. Easy to pack and store, it fits neatly inside your changing bag. Beautifully designed, it comes in a stylish sage green with a spotty pattern.

9. Mama Shack Car Sunshades – Safari

Transform your child’s car view into a wild safari with this car sunshade. It’s perfect for shielding your baby on bright summer days. Simply unpack and stick it to the window (no suction cups required). The gorgeous safari design is ideal for children of all ages, providing an engaging scene that’ll grab their attention. The size is large – made for taller or higher car windows.

Car Sunshades - Safari - Small

10. Mama Shack Travel Changing Bag Clutch

Armed with your summer baby essentials – including changing materials, blankets, and more – it’s easy to feel less like a mum and more like a packhorse. What’s needed is a travel-size, portable changing station.

This foldable pack comes with everything ready to go. There’s space for nappies, wipes, cream, and more. The padded mat even includes a head support, and it’s completely wipeable. Your baby’s next change just got a whole lot easier!

11. Mama Shack Splash Mat Sage Spotty

Playing with paints, eating lunch outside, or any kind of messy play requires a little bit of protection. This splash mat is perfect for indoor and outdoor play, protecting your floors or decking from damage. Made from non-toxic, waterproof fabric, it’s available in a range of colours – including this sage-coloured spotty pattern.

12. Mama Shack Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Muslins are one of those things you can never have enough of. Miles and miles from home, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t bring another. And what better choice than this beautiful organic cotton muslin?

Decorated with a detailed safari design, the absorbent, lightweight fabric keeps your child protected without overheating. Perfect for warm summer days, it doubles as a cover for breastfeeding, a Moses basket sheet, or your go-to cloth for wiping up spills.

13. Binky Bio Plastic Sand Set

Remember playing in the sand as a child? Some of our best childhood memories are at the beach or in the sandbox. This bio-plastic sand set provides your child with all the tools they need to build their first sandcastle, explore new environments, or even take care of a few plants.

The set comes with a bucket, scoop, rack, and watering can. Suitable for ages 2 years and up.

14. Buggy & Pushchair SnoozeShade Plus Extra

Even snug in a pushchair, your child is exposed to too much sun. The SnoozeShade Plus Extra covers the front of a stroller, blocking out up to 99% of UV rays. That means they can settle down for a nap without getting bothered by the sun. It can also be opened for maximum flexibility.

Oh, and you can receive 10% off any product from SnoozeShade if you use the code ‘mameshackloves.’

snooze shade
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