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What to Buy for Weaning

Be prepared to start your weaning journey with our handy checklist of essentials. 
Before you start to wean, having the right equipment can help the process go smoothly. Letting you and your baby enjoy the next stages of their development! 

Splash Mat : weaning can be messy, pop these under the high chair to make cleaning a breeze. Protect you floor or table with our Mama Shack splash mats. They are wipeable and water proof making cleaning easy and fuss free.

Shop our range of patterns that compliment your home decor or choose one of our illustrative wild life patterns to keep little ones entertained during meal times. Shop now.


Highchair : usually suitable from 6 months, these keep baby upright while they are eating and can encourage good eating habits! Prices range from £12 for the ANTILOP high chair from IKEA or £385 for the aesthetically pleasing Fresco high chair. Shop around and choose one that suits your needs. Consider that highchairs typically have two years of heavy use and should be sturdy and easy to clean.

Bibs: you can never have too many of these! Weaning is a messy business and these will help to protect babies clothes. Try a coverall (long sleeve bib) or a silicone catch all bib. Ensure the backing is waterproof to keep little ones dry for inevitable spills!

Bowls and spoons : my go to bowl is one with suction at the base. My son has often tried to hurl his plate across the room and having it stuck to the table has definitely saved a lot of clean up.

Flexible ice cube tray : save time and prepare puréed food in batches. Pop the frozen cubes into freezer bags or boxes. This can be handy when you want to mix and match different flavours.


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