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The best toys for encouraging baby's growth and development

Toys are incredibly important for your baby’s development - for newborns, playing is the same as learning, with new textures, sights and sounds to experience for the very first time.

To keep their developing minds stimulated, you need a good variety of materials, shapes and interactive elements like mirrors, which can help build your baby's self-awareness too.

When it comes to educational toys, we love Little Dutch toys, so let's take a look at some of their cutest creations that’ll keep your little one entertained.

Little Dutch activity cube

Like a big, soft dice, the Little Dutch activity cube offers six different sides of interactive fun and educational play.

The Little Goose soft activity cube incorporates mirrors, adorable animals and a 'hide and seek' frog, as well as a rattle that makes a noise when the cube is moved or shaken.

At 15cm along each edge, it's the perfect size for baby's playpen, with a worry-free soft plush surface.

Little Dutch x Miffy toys

Miffy is a universally loved character and we adore the range of Miffy x Little Dutch toys featuring the classic Dutch cartoon rabbit.

The Little Dutch Miffy toys range includes soft toys, plush rattles, hanging Miffy music boxes and gift sets - perfect newborn gifts for first-time parents.

With a choice of stripey and floral patterns, you can even pair Miffy with your Mama Shack changing mat. Look on our Shop By Print page to find the closest match.

Little Dutch Squeakers

Little Dutch Squeakers are a collection of fun, noise-themed toys to help babies and toddlers develop their motor control.

The Little Goose Squeaker squeaks when squeezed, and also has crinkly wings for sensory play and even more audio-based interaction.

The Sailors Bay Squeaker or Jack the Seagull, squeaks when squeezed and rattles when shaken, again allowing for multiple methods of interaction.

Little Dutch stacking toys

Stacking toys give your baby an extra challenge as they try to stack them up and are storage-friendly if you're short on space.

Little Dutch stackable bath boats can be used in the bath, in a sandbox or just on the floor for make-believe oceanic adventures and come in range of shades to match you bathroom or nursery.

Browse all Little Dutch toys

Find more great toys for baby development in our Little Dutch toys collection, where you can also see the different patterns and colours available for each toy.

If you're looking for even more affordable baby gift ideas, you can try our Baby Gifts Under £15 collection, for a full list of cute, fun and practical products that would make amazing gifts for newborn babies and their families.

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