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Newborn Essentials - Where to Start?

Whether you're a first-time parent or you're putting together a baby shower gift list that covers all of the bases, Mama Shack have got the newborn essentials you need.

A good nappy changing mat is the best possible start, as there's going to be plenty of nappy changes to contend with.

Wedge changing mats are one of the best options for newborn babies, as they help to prevent wrigglers from rolling off the side of the mat.

But baby changing mats are just one part of the newborn essentials shopping list - so what else do we consider to be a must-buy for first-time parents?

Baby shower gift ideas

Take a look at our baby shower gift ideas if you're shopping for friends or family members who've just given birth or adopted a newborn.

We have swaddle blankets in a range of fun and stylish prints, to keep the baby warm, dry, safe and comfortable, as well as providing some visual inspiration for parents at story time.

A favourite baby blanket often becomes a lifelong companion, and many people still have their own swaddling blanket neatly folded away somewhere, so surprisingly enough, this is one newborn baby gift that can actually last a lifetime.

Our organic muslin comforters also make great gifts for newborn babies. The cute character heads make them a great friend, especially for bedtime, while the soft cotton is ideal for mopping up dribbles and spills.

Milestone blankets

Our baby milestone blankets are an excellent purchase ahead of the birth, or when the baby has only just been born.

Each blanket is personalised with the baby's name and features numbers up to 12 months. Place your baby on the blanket with a marker under the relevant month, and you can build up a collection of snapshots of his or her first year of growth.

With personalised milestone blankets typically delivered in up to ten working days, you don't need to order too far in advance - just long enough to have your blanket ready for baby's arrival.

Bag it up!

Make sure you have a handy bag to carry your baby essentials with you, especially if you're going travelling and need to take a foldable changing mat, beach baby blanket or anything else with you.

We have a couple of good options that will see you through the first months of your baby's life, including personalised cotton canvas gift bags with a super easy drawstring opening, so there's no delay when you need to get into the contents.

For those summer day trips, our mesh beach bag will make certain that you leave the beach behind at the end of the day, as any sand you pick up on your travel changing mat or baby beach blanket can just fall out through the mesh.

These are just a few ideas of newborn baby essentials. For more inspiration, including weaning essentials for older babies, take a look around the Mama Shack website and put together the perfect shortlist to suit you.

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