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More new parents as UK birth rate rises

More new parents as UK birth rate rises

If you became a parent in the UK in 2021 - whether it was your first child or not - you're in good company, as figures published by the ONS recorded the first annual increase in births in England and Wales since 2015.

There were just short of 625,000 births over the course of the year, up 1.8% compared with 2020. That's a lot of nappies to change!

England and Wales now have a 'total fertility rate' of 1.61 children for every woman in the population, up 1.9% from the previous year, and the first annual increase in that particular statistic since 2012.

Under the ONS definition, this is the number of children that an average woman would expect to have in her lifetime, based on her current age and the current year's fertility rate.

What are the most popular baby names in the UK?

When it comes to baby names, there's no official data yet for 2021, but the ONS has published the most popular baby names in the UK for 2020.

Strictly speaking, the list only applies to England and Wales. Oliver and Olivia ranked in the top spots for boys and girls respectively for an impressive fifth consecutive year.

Charlie is no longer in the top 10 UK boys' names - replaced by Archie in 2020 - while the top 10 UK girls' names lost Freya and Grace, to be replaced by Ivy and Rosie.

ONS Vital Statistics Outputs Branch statistician Sian Bradford said: "Archie jumped into the top 10 boys' names for the first time, driven by younger mothers as well as the obvious royal link."

She added: "The name Margot has been rapidly climbing since actress Margot Robbie appeared in the popular film The Wolf of Wall Street."

Baby essentials for new parents' nappy changing kits

Even if it's not your first child-raising rodeo, there are some baby essentials you should stock up on for your nappy changing kits, with a minimum of one full set for home changes and one ready to go with you on days out, plus some spares for laundry day (which is every day, when there's a new baby in the house...).

Here's our checklist for the best home nappy changing kit, and the essentials for your nappy changing travel bag too:

At-home nappy changing kit checklist

  • Wedge changing mat (this anti-roll changing mat keeps your baby in position)
  • Nappy caddy (keep it well stocked and close at hand!)
  • Personalised baby blanket with your little one's name in pride of place
  • Read our 'where to start?' guide to newborn essentials

Nappy changing travel bag checklist

  • Mini backpack for all your baby travel essentials
  • Personalised bag clip - put little Oliver or Olivia's name on it!
  • Foldable changing mat (compact and hygienic for use out and about)
  • See more of our baby travel essentials

And remember, no matter whether your newborn has a top 10 UK baby name, or you opted for something more unusual, we can supply personalised changing mats and other customised baby products with delivery usually within a couple of weeks of placing your order.

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