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Discover the best boys changing mats

Baby boys changing mats can help to take some of the struggle out of what can be an even bigger challenge than changing a girl's nappy.

It's a simple fact that boys are equipped a little differently, and that raises several important questions that can be answered using a baby boy changing mat.

With a great range of gender-neutral changing mat prints, Mama Shack have everything you need to keep your baby in place until their new clean nappy is taped securely into place.

Why are boys changing mats so important?

There's one good reason why baby changing mats for boys are arguably even more important than girls changing mats.

While baby girls might do a wee mid-change, boys are more likely to do a 'weeeeee!' thanks to their built-in fire hose.

If you've ever been on the receiving end of this human sprinkler system, you'll already know why a quick and comfy nappy change is crucial.

How do the best boys changing mats help?

Wedge changing mats have raised sides to keep your baby in the middle of the mat throughout their nappy change.

For boys, this reduces the risk of any spills making it clear of the mat, while also keeping your baby stable as you position his plumbing inside his new clean nappy.

Keep him aiming downwards and there's less chance of a nappy leak the next time he does a wee - and it's all much easier to do with the gentle support of a wedge changing mat.

Best changing mats for boys

Putting the practicalities to one side for a moment, what are the best changing mats for boys? At Mama Shack we offer a selection of prints across our baby changing mats, blankets and bedding.

While our changing mat prints are not gender-specific, here's our pick of three popular prints for boys changing mats...

Dinosaur Print

Boys and girls alike love dinosaurs and with a pattern of watercolour illustrations including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and Pteranodon, our dinosaur print changing mats are a great way to introduce your baby to some of the best-known species.

Wild Safari

Another set of colourful watercolour illustrations, our Wild Safari print changing mats feature giraffes, elephants and other traditional safari animals, along with trees and leaves, making an elegant and artistic aesthetic overall.

Rainbow Collection

Our Rainbow Collection is a super cute selection of rainbow print changing mats, personalised baby blankets and baby milestone blankets. If your little one decides to rain on your parade mid-nappy change, at least you know there will be a rainbow!

Place your order today

Order your newborn boys changing mats today to make certain of getting your favourite prints and designs - especially if you want matching bedding, blankets and baby milestone charts.

We stock up regularly but popular prints are always in high demand, so the sooner you place your order, the sooner you will receive your boys changing mat and accessories.

Remember that any personalised items will take a little longer for us to add your boy's (or girl's) name to the print - so get your order in as soon as possible and we'll have your items with you as soon as they're ready!

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