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Be Beach Baby Ready with Our Summer Shop

The Mama Shack Summer Shop is open for business, helping you to get 'Beach Baby Ready' with a range of swim rings, armbands, baby paddling pools and mesh beach bags to keep all the essentials in one place during your little one's first trip to the seaside.

Remember to pack a baby travel changing mat - nobody wants sand in their nappy! A wedge changing mat is a good idea, helping to keep your baby off of the sand and prevent them from rolling sideways mid-change.

We also have matching swaddle blankets, which you can use to wrap up your baby, or spread underneath your anti-roll changing mat as an extra layer of protection against sand during changes on the beach itself.

Baby Protection Against the Sun

It's a good idea to apply a high SPF sun cream before taking a newborn outside, and there are plenty of baby-friendly sun blocks available. A physical barrier in the form of a hat or other cover-up doubles up on that protection.

In the Mama Shack Summer Shop you'll find hooded towels that help keep the sun off your baby's head - particularly useful for drying off after a dip, if your little one is a natural-born swimmer.

Car sun shades can protect against direct heat and light during your drive, and our range includes monochrome dotty sun shades, as well as a set with a giraffe and elephant design that matches perfectly with our safari changing mat.

For more products that will become trusted companions during road trips this summer and beyond, you can see our car window shades, travel changing mats and foldable changing mats under 'Travel Essentials' on the menu.

What Else is New?

As well as the new additions to the Mama Shack Summer Shop, you can see all of the latest additions to our range just by choosing 'New' at the top of the page.

For summer 2022 we have some super cute baby gifts, including our natural rubber fruit bowl set of teething and bath toys, or to continue the beach theme, natural rubber teething toys in the shapes of seashells and whales.

If you like to travel extra light, opt for our foldable changing mats. These are even more compact, folding down from 40cm x 60cm to just 29cm x 13cm, with a built-in popper to fasten the mat in its folded position.

Our foldable travel changing mats come in hypo-allergenic fabrics that match our other products - Under The Sea is a great choice for a folding change mat to take to the beach!

Give Yourself a Break

They say a change is as good as a rest - and with our summer baby changing mats, your seaside changes can be better than ever! Find your Beach Baby Ready must-haves in the Mama Shack Summer Shop today and you'll be ready to go.

You only get one chance to enjoy your baby's first summer, so whatever you decide to do this season, make the most of it. Mama Shack's portable changing mats and travel essentials will be here for every day out and road trip, helping you to make happy memories that last a lifetime.

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